Now is the time to take action. The COVID-19 is critical to protecting our community and returning to normal. It’s free and available to everyone aged 12-years and over.

A number of different partners have come together to support the rollout of the Pfizer vaccine in our rohe. This is a by Māori, for Māori partnership to increase the number of vaccinations that can be delivered for Māori and all of the vulnerable people in our community.

Safe for everyone aged 12-years and over

The Pfizer vaccine has been approved by Medsafe. Medsafe is the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority and it’s responsible for the regulation of therapeutic products in New Zealand. Medsafe only grants consent for a vaccine to be used in New Zealand once it is satisfied the vaccine is safe and effective enough to use.

Protecting our whānau

Māori are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, and it’s imperative that we have a good plan in place to protect our whānau. Our goal is to ensure whānau have all the information they need to make an informed decision about the vaccine.

We are providing support for the rollout to ensure all whānau who want the vaccine, can get one.

Vaccination information

We have prepared a number of information sheets and FAQs for whānau who may have questions about getting the vaccine. Please read these and share them with your whānau. Getting the vaccine is the best way to protect our whānau from COVID-19.

Our information is sourced from the Ministry of Health. While we endeavour to update it frequently, please see the Ministry website here for the most recent updates.

Updated information is also on our Facebook page.