Declaration by Iwi of Te Arawa - Te Arawa - COVID-19 Response

Declaration by Iwi of Te Arawa

Thursday 9 September, 2021

Take action to protect us all

Te Arawa E

Tukua mai ki a piri

Tukua mai ki a tata

Kia eke mai ki runga 

Ki te paepae poto a Houmaitawhiti e!

“Whatitiri ki te rangi, ko Te Arawa ki te whenua”

Te Arawa iwi support COVID vaccinations,

From Maketū to Tongariro, the tribes of Te Arawa stand together in our call for all people – living inside or outside our tribal lands – to have the COVID-19 vaccination as soon as possible.

Manaakitanga is the concept of looking after one another.  It is about protecting whakapapa; it is about kotahitanga; it is the unity of the collective. These are concepts and values we know and understand.  So we ask you all to act now and protect yourself, your whānau, your community and your whakapapa by vaccinating now.

Delta has shown us that Aotearoa is at risk.  We do not want a repeat of the 1918 Spanish Flu and what that did to our people and our whakapapa.

The statistics speak for themselves.  Māori are 50% more likely to die from COVID than Pākehā and more than twice as likely to end up in hospital from COVID infection.  So far, only 1 in 5 Māori (12 years and over) have had two doses of the COVID vaccine.

Evidence around the world – and Aotearoa – shows the vaccine reduces the risk of severe illness, hospitalisation and death due to COVID-19.

Fear plays a large part in peoples’ decision to vaccinate, or not.  For some, there is fear of getting the virus so they get vaccinated.  For others, there is fear of having the vaccine, so they wait or choose not to get it. 

Please do not make your decision in fear – make it informed and based on credible information. Take the time to read and listen to our own people “who have walked this path”.  You can find multiple sources of information at and

The vaccine is as safe as it can be.  No corners were cut in the development, safety and working ability of the vaccine.  Scientists worldwide needed to act quickly to stop people from dying and the speed in developing the vaccine was due to the urgency, the need and collective resources that were put into its development. 

The vaccine is working to save lives and protect our people.

So, if you are 12 years or more, please, make a plan to get your COVID-19 vaccine today:

  1. Call 0800 28 29 26 and quote “Te Arawa”
  2. Book online here with access code BHTKHZZY6E.
  3. Or, simply turn up to the next Te Arawa drive-through clinic – no booking required.

You will help to save lives!

Let us show our manaakitanga for one another- kia kakama, kia pakari tātau.

Tūhourangi/ Ngāti Wāhiao

Ngāti Tura, Te Ngākau

Ngāti Te Rorooterangi

Ngāti Tahu, Ngāti Whaoa

Ngāti Rangiwewehi

Ngāti Mākino

Ngāti Rongomai

Ngāti Tarāwhai

Ngāti Kea/ Ngāti Tuara

Ngāti Pikiao

Ngāti Ngāraranui.

Ngāti Uenukukopako

Ngāti Tuteniu

Ngāti Rangitihi 

Ngāti Whakaue

Ngāti Tūwharetoa