About us - Te Arawa - COVID-19 Response

About us

The Te Arawa COVID hub is here to support whānau within the Te Arawa rohe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Te Arawa COVID-19 Response Hub was established within hours of the Alert Level 4 Lockdown being announced on 23 March 2020, with marae, hapū, health and community organisations across Te Arawa coming together and mobilising to support whānau within the Te Arawa rohe.
An innovative data programme was established which enabled the hub to reach isolated and at-risk whānau and identify the support required by collecting, collating and coordinating data and information. The information gathered continues to be invaluable for future kaupapa and reaching our whānau in times of need.

Contact Tracing Card

In November 2020, Te Arawa worked alongside the Ministry of Health to co-design and support a field trial of a contact tracing card in Ngongotahā. The commitment from the local community is helping support efforts to find an equitable contact tracing solution for Aotearoa.
The one-week trial was rolled out across Ngongotahā and received great engagement from our locals which helped support the governments efforts trying to find an equitable contact tracing solution for Aotearoa.
Te Arawa supported the trial to protect the rohe and to support contact tracing abilities for Aotearoa, in particular those who are digitally vulnerable. A report is being prepared for Cabinet who will make further decisions about New Zealand’s future contact tracing options. Read more about the trial here.